A young man rescued a husky dog that got lost on the train tracks

March 24, 2024 VIDEOS


A few years ago, a video of a man rescuing a lost husky went viral.

He wandered along the railroad tracks, and because of the danger, the man brought the dog home and tried to find its owners.

The video clip, posted by The Dodo on YouTube, has already become a huge hit, with over 17 million views to date, with many animal lovers pleased with the results.

The Dodo, YouTube

We find the moment when a man finds a lost dog near the train tracks. Fearing that he might be run over by a train while walking, he brought the dog home, where he met two other dogs. In the evening, the owners found the hasa and brought it home.

Look at the fate of the dog that ended up in the hands of its owners thanks to a kind person. This intervention was carried out well.

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