A Woman Shares A Bizarre Protective Video “Ghost” Removing Dog’s Collar

October 30, 2021 VIDEOS


Do you believe in supernatural powers and spirits? Today we have a video network through which you can follow the extraordinary events that took place in an empty house.

CCTV cameras filmed two puppies screaming loudly, and one of them, according to the owner, had a collar ripped off by a “ghost”.

Videos that can follow unusual events in the home are already enjoying great success online. It has already amassed millions of social media views.

In the video, you can see an invisible image of two dogs barking loudly, and then one of the puppies lost their collar. The whole scene was recorded on a security camera.

According to the owner of the puppy, look at the unusual picture in the house where there were ghosts next to the dog. Do you believe there is a spirit wandering around the house?

What do you think?