A truly special baby seal rescue instead of biting his rescuers

June 12, 2020 VIDEOS


Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN), a non-profit organization, posted a beautiful video on YouTube that saved two participants from the stamping.

An unfortunate animal entered the fishing net and thanked the rescuers for their successful participation.

Antoine and Naud from the organization helped a group of seals stroll along the beach near Walvis Bay in Namibia. Some go to the net and other waste.

First they rescued a small seal stuck in an abandoned fishing net. When they were released, the animal thanked them in a very special way.

Having issued many seals, he immediately ran away, but the child reacted differently. He waited a moment with the rescuers, caressed himself and crawled quietly into the sea. Antoine and Naud then held two seals that held their nets.

Source: klipland

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