A hungry deer appears at the door and befriends the stranger.

June 28, 2024 VIDEOS


Last month, a surprising video of a man chasing a hungry sparrow that appeared on his doorstep went viral.

At first, the man did not want to touch him, so he left him alone – however, he returned to the house every day, so the author of the video began to care for the animal.

The video clip, which recently appeared on YouTube, has already become a huge hit – it has now been viewed more than a million times, and many animal lovers are eagerly awaiting the story’s development.

We see the story of a kitten who turned to a man for help. Scenes were filmed near Quebec, Canada, where the deer is completely attached to a human. He even came to her house several times and accompanied her on several walks in the forest. The man called the kitten a fairy.

When the animal ages, it’s time to find another friend. The rest of the deer took refuge near the house, and the Fairy joined them in an unknown direction. Look online for amazing stories that have inspired many animal lovers.

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