A 13-year-old boy built a small house for $1,500

March 10, 2022 STORIES VIDEOS


We can all agree that small houses are much prettier than big houses. They are more economical and easier to move, especially for smaller families. Luc Till Lova, a 13-year-old native of Dubouc, seems to understand this very well and decided to spend a productive summer in a small house of 89 square meters in his parents’ backyard.

Of course, he needed to get his father’s permission before he could start his little project. The father was delighted with his son’s new hobby and gave him the right to continue. However, Luke had to do everything himself to make him his own.

With the exception of a little help, I had to find my own way to raise money and build a house.

With his father’s permission, Luke started the project. He watched video tutorials and learned everything he could about building a small house. Satisfied with the instructions, Luke must now earn money to complete his building project. Because of his single-mindedness and determination, Luke started odd jobs to make a living.

He cleaned neighbors’ houses and mowed the lawn. At some point, Luke had to board up a Scout neighbor’s yard, and in return, he had to help him fix the carpet in his little house. For other services such as electrical installation, he replaced his lawn mowing and lawn mowing services.

From all the work, he earned $ 1500 which was enough to build his house and finally make his dream a reality.

The work was fun but tiresome and at times too much, especially for a boy as young as Luke. It had its ups and downs as well, just like any other project which is intended to produce highly. However, this did not put him down or reduce his determination.

His father would come to his help at times when it got a little too challenging, but that does not mean he made choices for Luke. All the major decisions were solely his son’s.

Through the YouTube videos he had watched, he had not only learned how to build the house but had also gotten some tips on how to deal with adults professionally, and how to work by the budget.

The father was quite enthusiastic throughout the entire project, and without doubt, he was proud of his son. Being able to sacrifice his summer to work and get money then build a house was inspiring, but him being able to hold onto the project with all the strike backs and be able to make it took a whole lot of determination and perseverance, and any other father would feel the same way.

The experience was interesting, not to mention the education. Luke was happy to be able to build his own house. Despite the difficulties, he decided to build a house for himself only with the money he earned.

It was a life lesson for other young people; Such a young man needs a lot of discipline to come up with the idea of replacing his good with another good.

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