9-Year-Old Girl Irish Dances At Wedding, But Then Her Brother Comes In And Steals The Show

December 3, 2018 VIDEOS


So, wedding season is upon us — the spring and summer months are the ultimate “we’re going to get married” months because of the beautiful weather, paired with picturesque scenery and ideal locations to have fun outdoor weddings. Although different cultures come with various rituals and not everyone opts for an outdoor wedding, these seasons are great for even the guests who don’t want to tread around in their nice clothes amidst the snow, heavy winds, and mucky weather that comes with fall and winter.

Speaking of guests, they’re also the ones that need the most entertaining at any given wedding. Because, after not wanting to get their best suits and/or dresses soiled, they also don’t want to spend hours on end, attending a wedding ceremony and reception, only to be bored.

Of course, many of us feel that good food is all it REALLY takes to keep the guests happy, but what happens when everyone has tried all the appetizers and are now standing around with nothing else to do? It’s safe to say, that aside from good food, everyone needs a little bit of entertainment. So, here it goes! Before we jump to the little girl Irish dancing at the wedding, there are four others leading up to it — the last video, in the end, is all about siblings and their Irish step dancing!

1. The Tiny Flower Girl Who Rolls In With Style

In this video, the bride’s tiny flower girl wasn’t old enough to walk yet so instead of having someone pick her up and bring her in, they had her hop onto her plastic car and the ring bearer, a cute little gentleman, pushed her all the way up to the altar!

A high-five to the little girl for keeping her calm and basking in the glory of all the attention, before the bride takes it all, and kudos to the ring bearer for being such a good sport! Watch it all unfold, right here:

2. Here’s A Surprise The Bride And Groom Won’t Forget

Another creative way to hold everyone’s attention and give a special surprise to the bride herself is shown in this next video! This footage is extra special because it’s a way of giving the bride and her groom something to always remember as they tie the knot and say their “I do’s.”

Imagine standing at the altar, moments away from saying your vows, when a voice interrupts the ceremony and you, as the bride, are forced to take your attention off what’s happening in front of you and turn around. This situation can only mean disaster, right? Wrong!

This scenario played out at a bride’s wedding, and she was left in tears of joy and appreciation as soon as she turned around. Her loved ones had planned a special flash mob in honor of her and her soon-to-be-husband, and they performed their rendition of “How Great Thou Art. ” You can see the bride is overwhelmed with emotion and is wiping tears that are streaming down her face.

This surprise is a wonderful one for the newlyweds, but it’s also great from an audience perspective! It keeps things fresh and new. It was probably something not many of them had seen before!

3A Wedding Just Isn’t Complete Until The Newly-Weds Shake A Leg

Now that we’re on the topic of dancing, I’ll talk about another one of m favorite wedding moments!

This bride, Roisin, and her bridesmaids put together a fantastic performance for the audience to enjoy. They’re dressed in bright green dresses and black leggings and are stepping across the dance floor like never before. The routine is lively, and everyone loves it but then, the music changes. Just when you think that the girls are going to change their steps up a bit, something completely unexpected happens — James, the groom, joins in! Who knew he could dance so good!?

Click below to watch the bride and groom bust some serious moves on the dance floor at their reception!

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