2-yr-old girl gets stuck while walking horse in the snow – Horse’s response is melting hearts everywhere

January 19, 2019 VIDEOS


Horses are such majestic creatures but can be a little intimidating if you’re not used to them.

For four-year-old Emma, she was so used to horses that her best friend was one!

In the video below we see this gorgeous little tot all bundled up ready to take a scenic stroll with her best friend Cinnamon. When the rein gets caught around her leg, watch what the horse does, it’s so adorable.

Little Emma is so happy to be leading her friend Cinnamon along the snowy path. Her father records the occasion making sure she’s okay. But this little girl clearly knows what she’s doing.

Unfortunately, the rein is longer than her and gets tangled around her leg. Her dad stops her so she can straighten it out.

But, what does the nice, calm horse do then?

Stops and waits for his friend, of course!

This sweet animal watches her as if he’s making absolutely sure she’s okay and as soon as she’s untangled they continue on their way.

This clip shows what gentle and sweet creatures horses are. I have a feeling these two will share a special bond for life. What a lucky little girl she is!

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