Woman’s Stuck In Traffic Jam When Her Bold Moves On Highway Cause Heads To Turn

August 30, 2018 VIDEOS


Most people would agree that there’s nothing fun about sitting in a traffic jam. Having somewhere to go while being unable to move is stressful beyond belief! Not only that, there usually isn’t much to do besides twiddle your thumbs and wait. But for one woman named Lisa Smoot – she decided to make the best of the situation by completely flipping it upside down. And oh boy, did she make heads turn!

Lisa had been driving on the I-65 Highway when the traffic slowed and came to a halt. While many of us would have seemed annoyed about the delay, not Lisa. After all, she had her tunes! Her passenger was recording when the Meghan Trainor song, “Me Too” came on – and it was all Lisa needed to transform her car into a mobile dance club. Suddenly she began busting out dance moves and singing the lyrics, just like nobody was watching.

Although boogieing down in your car can be fun, Lisa decided to take it up a notch. Since traffic was completely gridlocked she opened her door and took the dance party outside to the street! Surely other motorists had their eyes on Lisa as she put on an impromptu highway show of “Me Too” – she’s just that awesome. Press play on the video below to see it for yourself. Who knows, maybe she’ll inspire you to do the same during your next traffic jam!

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