Woman’s Desperate For New Look Gets Makeover That Even Her Own Husband Doesn’t Recognize Her

December 2, 2018 VIDEOS


Meet Mary. Mary traveled from her home in Fargo, North Dakota, to the salon of Christopher Hopkins, “The Makeover Guy,” in search of a totally new look.

Mary admits in the interview prior to the start of her makeover that although she’s feeling anxious, she’s ready for a look that will enable her to be taken seriously. While sitting with Christopher, chatting about herself and her thoughts on the day, Mary explains her hairdo don’ts, “No purple, no blue – none of that.”

Christopher then cleverly responds with, “Ok. That was my first thought…purple and blue.” And together they share a big laugh!

Opening up about reservations, Mary says, “I would say, I’m not sure of the outcome. But, after looking at all those videos, they do such a wonderful job here. I can’t imagine anything going wrong.”

When asked further about her motivation for wanting a makeover at this point in her life, Mary shares, “To spark some incentive – I’m in a weight loss challenge right now with a friend of mine, and I’ll see him probably next year.” Mary goes on to admit, “I just want incentive to develop some self discipline.”

Christopher Hopkins whisks Mary away – and like magic, she’s back in front of the camera with an entirely new look. Mary looks so different in fact from the woman who first walked into the salon, that she’s almost unrecognizable!

Even her own husband doesn’t realize that it’s her at first glance. When Mary’s husband was asked what he thought of the change, he exclaimed, “Oh Wow. I wouldn’t have recognized you!”

Her makeover truly is astonishing. But even more important is how enthralled Mary is with her new look. It’s exactly what she had hoped for!

Be ready for your jaw to drop, this is one makeover reveal you simply must see to believe!


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