Woman notices lonely dog waiting in same spot every day, then she looks closer and realizes the sad truth

May 2, 2018 VIDEOS


We humans are very lucky to share the Earth with amazing creatures like dogs. they are loyal, caring, brave, intelligent… If you care and love a dog, you will get it back unconditionally. They’re indeed man’s best friend.

This is why our hearts break whenever we hear about dogs that are being abused, neglected or abandoned by their owners.

This story is one of those sad stories but thankfully with a happy ending.

Two weeks ago, on a cold January day in Pennsylvania. Local residents noticed odd figure in the snow-covered park.

A lonely dog sitting there and waiting by a park bench.

Few people tried to approach the dog, but she would run away everytime because she was scared. Not budging from her place, the dog seemed to be waiting for someone.

Speranza Animal Rescue via Facebook

Residents tried many times to persuade the dog but failed, so they decided to get help and contact an animal shelter. Janine Guido from Speranza Animal Rescue took the call – and drove to the park immediately to help.

At the time of rescue, The dog who has since given the name of Carla stayed in the park for many days.

Janine tried first with food to approach Carla, but she was terrified. Janine spent several days trying to gain Carla’s trust and she did it by the end.

Finally Carla was rescued!

Janine took Carla who was freezing and shaking with fear to the vet. While driving there, she managed to feed Carla some much-needed food.

The vets affirmed that Carla was around 10 years old, and extremely underweight, She was obviously dumped by her owners there in the park, and she kept waiting for them to return for her.
Unfortunately, no one came back for her, and Carla became colder, thinner and more scared.

Now Carla doesn’t have to cold, hungry or scared again!Janine managed to find her a foster home, so Carla is now warm and safe. Not only this, but she has now two dog friends!

Think how lucky we are that there are animal lovers out there who do everything they can to help dogs who have been abandoned. Watch the video below:

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