Woman Makes Everyone Laugh While Standing at Store Entrance

September 8, 2018 VIDEOS


When one woman saw something out of the corner of her eye, she instantly got an idea. She remembered that her Halloween costume was in her car when she arrived at the SM department store parking lot. So, she puts on her costume and her friends begin filming. Not soon after, she started to do something so hilarious, you’ll wonder how she ever thought of this in the first place! This woman deserves an award for making people smile from across the globe.

In the video, you’ll see the woman – dressed head to toe in her orange costume – walking up to the entrance of the department store. She crosses the parking lot, making her way toward a tall, orange advertisement. Once she’s made it to the front, she turns around and starts to do something that has everyone cracking up. Her Halloween costume, mixed with her hilarious idea, has now gone viral, making everyone have a good belly laugh.

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