This woman and her husky BFF share an adorable duet

July 22, 2018 VIDEOS


This 3-year-old husky and his owner’s howling duet will put a smile on every dog-lover’s face , Animals show their love and gratitude in many different ways. Maybe it’s an abundance of kisses on the face or a good snuggle on the couch. They can also show their love through imitation of their owners. Need evidence?
This husky imitates baby in the cutest way possible!

These parents really have a true treasure in their home. This amazing duo is making every night a night to remember, and we were lucky this was caught on tape.

Maybe the two are communicating in their own special language! It makes sense that we tend to imitate the people we admire most. Animals must not be much different in that way. So next time you’re with your furry friend, watch out for the ways it shows its love for you. Check out this sweet video to see how this adorable husky imitates baby!

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