Woman Gets Stuck With Big Dinner Tab When Her Date Ditches Her!

January 12, 2017 Videos


This video is one that was made as a warning to all women who frequently use dating sites. She met a man on a popular dating site and they agreed to meet for dinner at a pricey restaurant. He ordered tons of food and wine and then got up to make a phone call, never coming back. She was stuck with a bill of $163! When she tried to reach him through the dating app, he had blocked her!

It turns out this man has been doing this to many women and he has also stolen hair services at a salon. The police know who he is and they are actively looking for him on two counts of petty theft. The woman in this video wants to make sure other women are not seduced and used by him. She was so embarrassed but this has taught her to be more careful. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can be warned.

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