Woman Frequently Visits Hair Salon With Nothing to Worry About, But One Appointment Proved Her Wrong

February 1, 2018 VIDEOS


Eileen Korey works as a reporter for the WKYC Channel, and she rocks some cool red locks. For 15 years, Eileen has had only one hair stylist and colorist, Kari Phillips. The two have grown to be friends. As a hair colorist, Kari has always looked out for her clients. There could be a lot of potential health issues that she can spot and alert her clients before things get out of hand. That’s exactly what she did for Eileen, and she ended up saving her life.

It happened one day when Eileen walked in for her usual sessions. While on the job, Kari noticed something weird. There was a strange spot on Eileen’s scalp that wasn’t there before. She told Eileen and recommended that she see a dermatologist soonest possible. Kari was quick to spot the anomaly mainly because she knows a few things about dermatology since her own sister is a dermatological nurse. When Eileen went for a scan, she was stunned. It was an onset of skin cancer!

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