Woman Adopted A Tiny Sick Kitten. A Year Later, It Weighs Nearly As His Owner

November 25, 2018 VIDEOS


A woman named Justina Strumilaite had adopted a little kitten whom she affectionately named Brownie from a local rescue.

However, he was in a very poor state as he was born handicapped – with only two toes on his right paw. He was the smallest out of the litter, and gotten so weak that he had even stopped eating.

Everyone thought that Brownie was a lost cause, and may not survive beyond a few weeks of age. Nevertheless, Justina took him in.

Yet, Justina simply refused to give up on Brownie. She nourished him with quality food, and gave him all the love and care he needed while believing in his inner strength.

Eventually, Brownie started to gain weight, and even has the strength fought his siblings for food in a playful manner. Over time, Brownie begun to get fluffier and bigger – until his reached adulthood.

Most importantly, Brownie has transformed into a happy and active cat. Justina praises Brownie’s intellect and friendliness, and is amused by his dog-like personality.

Brownie responds when called, and follows her everywhere, just like a dog! Brownie also loves giving people ‘kisses’ whenever he meets them.

Brownie’s biggest change was perhaps, its change in personality and outlook on life. Justina represented hope, and gave him the strength to persevere and look past his handicapped physical state.

Today, Brownie is all grown up – and fluffier than ever before! He remains a loving cat, and loves to snuggle with Justina, just like how he did when he was just a little kitten!

With lots of love and care given by Justina, Brownie has certainly turned out to be a fine cat! What a difference love makes!

Source: weloveanimals

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