After trying to win the heart of this little kitten, these two dogs became his bodyguards



A cute little kitten entered the house with two dogs, a friendly black labrador and a gold receiver.
Five minutes later, he completely controlled the house.

Cleo (kitten) has a very beautiful voice and even more personal qualities. She loves games and loves hanging out with them. Auden (Golden Retriever) immediately offered her favorite socks and tried to seize power. The dogs laid the cat’s bed and legs very well, so Cleo put her to sleep and slept on Auden.

In order not to overdo it with the dog’s loyalty, Axel (Black Lab) offered Cleo into the cage.

Cleo bought these gifts expensively because she was a cat. Now they all live happily together under the undeniable care of Cleo.

Then the unnamed owners Cleo, Auden and Axel decided to log into social networks and created an imgr account. In terms of accounts, their relationships and ancient daily routines are documented in a large and bold way.

These activities include a lot of sleep, hugs, toy offerings and unabashed cat worship. It is clear who is responsible for this distance.

Growing up as a good adult, Cleo seems happy with her future home, as well as with her two trusted partners. Who says cats and dogs cannot live together, but who says dogs accept their false layers?

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