Wild Horse Kicks Man In The Groin After He Ignores The Do Not Touch Signs

July 28, 2019 VIDEOS


Public signs are in place for a reason and rules should be followed. Such signs also exist on Assateague Island in the coastal area of the US state of Maryland, where many wild horses live.

Unfortunately, many tourists also ignore warnings on this island!

There are about 300 wild horses on the island that freely attract tourists from all over the world. There are warning signs Throughout the whole island, there are also warning signs that say not to approach horses.

Although at first glance wild horses look completely innocent, they are still wild animals. This is also demonstrated by a video clip that has landed online these days!

One of the tourists was soaking up the sun on the island, when his attention was drawn to a wild horse nearby. The man quickly approached the horse, touched it, and immediately got a clear reason why the horse should not touched. The animal kicked him straight in the groin!

Source: klipland

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