Capuchin Monkey Really Missed Grandma And Can’t Hide Her Excitement

October 24, 2019 VIDEOS


Monkeys are very special creatures that often resemble humans with their appearance and behavior.

A beautiful video landed online last year, in which two capuchin monkeys stole the whole spotlight when they saw their human friend.

A monkey named Ohana was sitting on her bed as she heard familiar voices. When she turned her gaze toward the door, she saw the grandmother there, who always pets her. That is why genuine joy followed and the owners filmed the whole occasion on camera.


Next to Ohani monkey was another monkey named Xander. This one was also very pleased with the arrival of Grandma, and they have impressed many online together!

When you see the joy of two monkeys captured on camera, the scenes in the video will also brighten your day. Another proof of how much animals value our help!

Source: KlipLand

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