Who Knew Robert Downey Jr Could Rock It Out With Sting

November 18, 2018 VIDEOS


This impromptu performance has been spreading like wildfire because no one had a clue Robert Downey Jr could really sing! In this video, he joins one of his idols, Sting, on stage. Robert and Sting beautifully perform “Driven to Tears” for their audience of screaming fans. If you are a fan of Robert Downey Jr, don’t think he is simply Iron Man any more! This man is a man of many talents and he is finally showcasing them to the world.

Not only can Robert Downey Jr stay on key, he can completely hold his own against the legend that is Sting! The two’s voices actually compliment one another very well.

If you were simply listening to the audio, it would almost be difficult to decipher which was which. This song is brilliant so do not miss a minute of the action in this video and Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy.

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