This Is What You Should Do Whenever You Have To Leave Your Pet Behind

July 2, 2017 VIDEOS


Soldiers play a critical role in protecting our country. Soldiers are the reason why we are safe in our states. The soldiers leave their family and homes and put their lives at risk in the line of duty. We should appreciate and respect them.

A beautiful lady requested that she should get a dog. Baez, the Army officer, wanted to own a dog badly. However, by the time her request went through, she was deployed to the Middle East. Her stay would last for a year. It meant that she would not her beloved dog, Laila for the entire period. All hope was not lost, though.

PACT for Animals is an organization that adopts dogs owned by the military personnel. The organization helped the officer and her dog work out things in the best way possible. Laila lived with a foster family in New Jersey while her mom served the interests of the nation.

Laila seems to enjoy her stay at the foster home. Her mom does not have to worry about the dog’s well-being while working miles away from home.

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