Dog Throws Tantrum When His Owner Refuses To Give Him Gravy

September 23, 2019 VIDEOS


There are probably foods you can think of where you might refuse to consume it without your condiments of choice. Surely, a plain hotdog or hamburger, a sauce-free plate of spaghetti, a bagel with no cream cheese, dry toast, pancakes without syrup, and a baked potato without butter or sour cream taste completely different without our favorite add-ons. While some of us enjoy the latter condiment-free items, we all have a condiment we love that we’d refuse to go forever without.

For Gregory the dog, his favorite condiment is gravy–good ole, thick, juicy gravy. Can you blame him? Hot gravy served on fluffy mashed potatoes, dressed over chicken breast, or mixed with Thanksgiving stuffing is to drool for. It’s a comforting condiment that isn’t per se healthy but is definitely the icing on the cake as it adds both moisture and flavor to food.

However, in a viral clip featuring Gregory, he doesn’t look too pleased as he discovers that his bowl of dog food doesn’t have gravy. “Gregory, you cannot have gravy this time!” his owner tells him. In response, the canine acts out in hopes that his owner will give in. While it’s not good news for Gregory, it is not a tantrum you’ll want to miss out on!

From jumping in the air in disgust at his gravyless bowl of dog food to lying down low to the ground and letting out a deep, threatening bark while swiftly wagging his long tail, it’s clear that the poor dog really wants his gravy, and he wants it now!

“Go ahead and eat!” exclaims the owner who is still refusing to give the pup his beloved gravy. Gregory stays put, rebelling against his owner’s demand. “Stop cuttin’ up. You’re throwing a doggy tantrum,” his owner continues as the canine’s aggressive tantrum turns into a clear act of learned helplessness, crying and lying on the floor in sadness. Poor Gregory!

Source: Metaspoon

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