When Her Mother Places This Adorable Kitten on Her Lap

July 13, 2019 VIDEOS


Kittens can be just like our own children. We can love them like our babies and can treat them as if they were. The owner of this adorable Persian kitten is no different. She is this kitten’s mother in all ways that matter, and their bond is quite strong as this video shows.

This white fluffy adorable kitten’s mother loves to place the little kitten on her lap. The kitten’s response is to sit there happily drinking in the attention. The little kitten seems quite content to just lay there in her mother’s lap.

When her mother starts to make adoring noises to the kitten along with placing her hands gently on the kitten’s tummy, the little kitten responds back by placing up her cute little paws in response.

Before long her mother is placing her hands up to meet the little kitten’s paws then goes back to patting the kitten on the belly. The exchange between them is playful and endearing at the same time.

Source: madlyodd

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