When Grandma Claps And Sings, Her Dog Dances To The Beat

October 14, 2018 VIDEOS


Granny gets her groove on and her dog is all about showing his inner dancing puppy! An elderly woman is seen sitting in a wheelchair and clapping her hands. She starts singing in her native language when suddenly, the cutest dog joins in to dance to the beat!

If we didn’t see it for ourselves, we may not believe it. The dog not only dances along as Granny sings her beautiful song, but he sits on his butt and wiggles his body from side to side.

The dog is having fun the whole time. Although he can stop at any time, and at one point he does, the little guy starts jamming out again.

Dogs truly are miracles and we are so fortunate to share life with them. You’ll want to tap your foot and clap along when you watch this video.

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