Well-Mannered Shar Pei Wakes Up Owner Gently. Her Polite Way Is Melting Everyone’s Heat

January 20, 2018 VIDEOS


Anyone who owns a dog will tell you good things about nice pets, especially if the canine likes to wake you up in the morning. What better way to wake up than opening your eyes to someone you love? It’s just perfect!

That’s why Ava is getting showered with lots of love from people all over the world. In fact, Ava, along with her cat friend and other pets in the house, has a Facebook page, complete with over 22 thousand followers. That tells you just how great this family is. Ava is the “starring” in everything!

On this special day, Ava wakes up in the morning and makes her way to her human’s bed. She doesn’t want her human to run late for anything, so she kindly takes it upon her sweet self to wake her up. But it’s how she does it that’s breaking the internet!

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