Watching This Dog Ad Will Change The Way You Take Love To Be. So Interesting

August 9, 2017 VIDEOS


Many people all over the world have the habit of turning on their televisions to only watch soap operas and news. They never take their time to watch and analyze the adverts that come on the screen from time to time. I discovered that most of these commercials have a meaning and it is not just for fun that they are advertised.

In the short clip below, we are going to enjoy one of the Thinkbox Ads. The clip features a dog by the name of Harvey. It starts when Harvey gets in love with another female dog called Harmony at a dating center for dogs only. The two get married and spend some wonderful time together including having puppies. When Harvey was at home and Harmony came to see him, the owner went to open the door to see who was knocking. Upon seeing that it was a dog coiffured poodle, he first stops at the door undecided whether to let her in to see Harmony or not. Finally Harmony’s look convinces Harvey’s owner to enter. While inside, small puppies of Harmony and Harvey come running inside the house to live with them.

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