Vets Feeds Dog With Popsicle Stick, what happens next will shock you!

January 25, 2017 VIDEOS


It was evident that Madonna had experienced animal brutality when she arrived at the vet. She was hungry and thin.

Her skin was dry and rough and covered with scabs. The vets said she stunk with pale gums. She nearly ate the whole Popsicle stick she was fed with as she was starving. The vet then put the food on the ground, and Madonna ate greedily.

Her vet opted to put her on medication. In spite of Madonna putting on some weight, her hair was not growing back. So they sought to find the problem.

At last, the vet decisively did a skin examination to test for yeast and microbes. The vet explained that Madonna felt rough and slimy.

The vet started Madonna on antibiotics, and her hair grew back in few days. After five weeks or rehab, Madonna had a different look. She added 12 pounds and had heartworm treatment.

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