95-Year-Old Air Force Veteran Shows Little Boy How To Be Brave

August 23, 2019 VIDEOS


When one of the children was afraid to jump from a diving board at the local pool, a special man took things in hiw own hands.

Michael Biss, a 95-year-old War veteran, was determined to show the boy that there was noting to be afraid at such act!

Michael, despite his courage, had a lot of obstacles that he needed to overcome for the challenge.

Due to age, his friends and family helped him jump into the water – he stepped on the diving board over the water with the help of a cane, with one of his daughters was holding his hand.

The brave Michael, with his jump into the water, circled the world in an instant – the video has reached more than 168 million views to Facebook in just over a week. Congratulations to the war veteran for a successfully showing a boy how to be brave!

Source: KlipLand

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