Owner She filmed Her Husky Puppies Face Planting In Slow Motion

March 13, 2020 VIDEOS


These days, a really cute video landed on the Facebook network in which the owner filmed the husky puppies.

The scene was captured in slow motion, and the awkwardness of puppies running down the stairs will also make your day better.

Husky Ranch,Facebook

On the Husky Ranch Facebook page, where the owner posts videos of her puppies, a very sweet scene landed four days ago. She filmed the puppies as they ran down the stairs, while many of them had problems.

She captured the whole scene in slow motion, and in just four days, the video reached nearly 5 million views on the Facebook network.

Take a look at the scene with awkward husky puppies that will make you laugh from the bottom of your heart.

Source: Klipland

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