Malamute Tears Up Every Toy, Except Her Favorite Stuffed Animal From Puppyhood

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Everyone has a favorite toy from childhood. For me personally, it was a small, purple stuffed bear named Beary (who I still have). Every night, I’d make sure Beary was in my arms before I fell asleep. I certainly formed an emotional attachment to this stuffed animal. He brought me both comfort and joy.

Your favorite toy from childhood, however, might be something completely different. It might have been a board game, a set of building blocks, an action figure, a pretend kitchen set, or even a video game. Our favorite childhood toy doesn’t always bring cozy, warm feelings of nostalgia, but rather, may have merely delivered entertainment during your youth years.

For Alaskan Malamute, Luca, her favorite puppyhood toy is a particular stuffed animal that she received at a young age, which she can be seen snuggling in the image below.

At the time this photograph was taken, Luca was just 8- to 10-weeks old.

On the caption, her owner wrote for the photo, “[Luca] destroys every stuffed animal except this one.” Right away, the Malamute fell in love with the toy and not once tried to bury it, toss it around, or rip it to shreds.
But some things never change. While Luca has certainly grown over the years (just look at the size difference between the toy and her now!), something that has always stayed the same is her love for her beloved plushie.

In the following photo, Luca is now one-and-a-half-years-old!

Interestingly, Luca’s owner didn’t initially purchase the stuffed animal for Luca but for themselves.

“I got [the stuffed animal] from Toys R Us many years ago before I could manage a real dog,” says Luca’s owner.

While the toy was never designed for a dog, Luca’s owner trusted her dog to take good care of it. “Definitely not dog durable but she is super gentle with it,” the dog’s owner continues.

In fact, since she was a puppy, Luca would take the toy everywhere she went. To this day, the Malamute still sleeps with it!

“It’s her baby. She carries it around everywhere and always has it with her when she goes to bed.”

I don’t know about you, but Luca’s adorable story reminds me a lot of my own childhood. We each have had a special object or toy we were particularly fond of during childhood. Chances are, you still have that object or toy just like Luca still has her prized plushie!

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Source: Metaspoon

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