Uncle’s Hilarious Baby Shower Gifts Nails What New Moms Actually Need

April 8, 2019 VIDEOS


The modern baby shower doesn’t leave a lot of room for creative presents. Thanks to gift registries, most parents walk away from their shower with little but the diapers, clothes, and breastfeeding pillows they picked out themselves. But are those things what parents really need? Although it’s nice to get the stuff on your wish list, sometimes what’s missing is a little dose of reality from the experienced parents who came before you. That’s exactly what new mom Ivy Cawthon got when her uncle gifted her with the realest collection of parent “must-haves” ever, and his present has moms and dads online cracking up.

“Most creative and hilarious baby shower gift award goes to my Uncle Marty!” Cawthon posted on Facebook.

Ivy Cawthon/Facebook

She also included photos of the six brilliant gifts her uncle bestowed upon her. First up? Condoms, of course, “so we do not have to do this again in nine months.”

But the gifts weren’t all about prevention. The new mom also got aspirin “for the lifetime of headaches your kid will give you.”

Ivy Cawthon/Facebook

Where is the lie?

And a McDonald’s gift card for the many, many nights that we as parents do NOT feel like making dinner.

Ivy Cawthon/Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I feel so seen right now. It’s like Uncle Marty just knows that 80 percent of parents could line the Earth in Happy Meal toys.

There was Visine to help combat red eyes from all those sleepless nights.

Ivy Cawthon/Facebook

Let’s hope it’s extra strength!

Also, hemorrhoid cream for the sometimes dreadful side effects of pushing a human being out of your vagina.

Ivy Cawthon/Facebook

Hey, it happens. Childless people, if you’re planning on having kids one day, prepare yourselves.

Ivy Cawthon/Facebook

And finally, Uncle Marty gave a generous Target gift card for diapers because “you will buy them every time you go to the store.”

Isn’t that the damn truth?

Once the gifts were shared on Cawthon’s Facebook page, pretty much everyone wanted to adopt Uncle Marty into their family.

Ivy Cawthon/Facebook

The post originally went up in 2017 but recently went viral again. Now, it has more than 135,000 shares and a little more than 10,000 comments.

“Get knocked up so I can do this for you,” one person wrote after tagging a friend.

The mom, who now has a 10-month-old baby boy, says the gifts had her dying of laughter.

Ivy Cawthon/Facebook

“I have a huge family and we spent hours opening my gifts,” she tells CafeMom. “As soon as I started opening his gift I couldn’t talk, all I could do was laugh. However, even though it was hilarious it was actually really practical and really helpful. [It] definitely put a smile on my face, which meant a lot to me cause I was a grouchy pregnant lady.”


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