Two Stray Best Friends Depended On Each Other To Survive, Now Watch When They’re Finally Rescued

May 22, 2018 Videos

For Hope For Paws, rescuing animals in trouble and affording a better life is the mantra to go with. They go to great lengths to keep these creatures safe. So when they received a call about these two friends roaming the streets, they rushed in and saved the day!

The two in question are a Terrier mix and a Poodle. The dogs had created an unbreakable bond between them. They would run around together, play together and even “hustle” for food together. The workers operating in the area were kind enough to dish out some food to them.

When the rescuers showed up, the two were friendly, approaching and greeting the humans with “smiles” and tail wags. They didn’t shun the food given to them. They even allowed the nice humans to put leashes on them!

They were taken to the shelter. Before long, someone fell in love with them and decided to adopt both of them. Now Dill and Pickles spend their good times at their forever home playing and making their humans happy. What a lovely ending!

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