Two Noisy Parrots Approach Their Sleeping Owner – The Way They Woke Her Up Has Everyone Cracking Up

January 28, 2018 VIDEOS


“Up with the birds” phrase may have a new meaning. One YouTube video proves how cheeky the birds can become. It has received over 5 million views since it was shared online and once you watch it you will understand why that has been the case.

Two parrots had the perfect way of waking up their human sister. The pair of birds is at the foot of the bed staring at their sleeping sister. A woman behind the camera asks them to go ahead and wake up the sleeping girl.

The birds waddle over to the sleeping girl, sit on her chest, and stare down at her. The girl wakes up from her slumber and finds the birds staring at her. Moments later, they do something unexpected. The birds hop under the covers and poke their heads at the woman filming them.

The birds woke up their sister and joined in for the snuggles.

Watch the amazing footage below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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