Two Cats Meet a Sleepy Fox at Their Back Door. But The Fox’s Reaction is 100% Pure Disney Moment

April 30, 2018 VIDEOS


Dan Bull loves animals and is the proud owner of two kitties. He often shares his amazing videos about animals with the world on YouTube.

One bright morning, Dan and his lovely pets discovered something surprising in his backyard. It was a wild fox. Foxes come out at night and run away when they spot someone.

However, something was outstanding about this particular fox. For starters, he was spotted during the day. Secondly, it did not run away when it spotted Dan and his adorable kitties. In fact, the fox appeared to love their company.

Dan noticed there was something amiss with the fur of the fox. He even contacted the fox welfare society to alert them.

Dan’s adorable kitties stare at the fox through the glass window. The fox appears fascinated by the camera. He lingers for some time before running off.

Watch the amazing video below when Dan and his kitties meet the curious fox. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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