Twins Pregnant Same Time But When 1 Goes Into Labor Family Stunned To Learn Condition Of Sister

October 11, 2018 Videos


Twins have an incredibly unique and intertwined relationship that’s nearly impossible to grasp unless you’re a twin yourself. Jalynne and and her twin Janelle grew up the youngest of seven siblings.

They dressed alike, shared a car and a cell phone, even had the same friends. Jalynne shared with Love What Matters that they were “glued to each other’s hip.”

Even though it was recommended that they have separate classes in school, their mom recognized the girls’ tight bond and politely refused. She wrote that they would “cry at the thought of being away from one another.”

The twins even received full athletic scholarships to UCLA! That’s where they met their future hubbies who also happened to be athletes.

But the biggest difference occurred after the sisters married. Jalynne married in 2011 and started her family right away, giving birth to two daughters back to back.

Almost two years later, Janelle married and waited one year before starting her family. The girls were sorrowful that they had not experienced being pregnant together as they had experienced almost every other momentous occasion together their lives growing up.

Janelle eventually was diagnosed with PCOS then finally became pregnant only to suffer an ectopic pregnancy that ended in emergency surgery and a tubal loss. While she was going through emotional heartbreak she soon found out she wasn’t alone. Her sister Jalynne also suffered a miscarriage during the same time so the twins went through the emotionally trying time together.

Jalynne joked about how wonderful it would be if the sister could deliver their babies together. Throughout their joint pregnancy journey, they shared stories, ultrasound pictures, analyzed doctors’ visits and rejoiced with every kick and flutter.

Jalynne worried, though, that they wouldn’t deliver on the same day. She ran nine days past her due date with her first daughter and had to be induced, laboring for 51 hours and then undergoing an emergency c-section.

Turns out her sister Janelle also experienced a C-section because her son couldn’t be delivered naturally. Both twins had the same medical issues when it came to labor and delivery, requiring them to have a C-section.

Still hopeful the twins would somehow get the chance to deliver on the same day they crossed their fingers and hoped for the best. On June 18, their biggest wish became a reality. Jalynne and Janelle delivered their adorable baby boys in the same hospital, with C-sections, performed by the same doctor, on the same day, only three hours apart.

After the birth the twins were asked multiple questions, including how they decided who would get a C-section first. Jaylynne settled it fair and square stating, “We decided I was born first, I was due first, and my husband’s job only allows for 3 days paternity leave, therefore I went first.” Lol, sounds like these girls take twinning to a whole new level. Congratulations to the two families!

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