Toddler And Gorilla Come Face-To-Face, Parents Burst Out Laughing When He Gets Too Close

November 14, 2018 VIDEOS


I think it’s safe to say that both kids and animals just like to have fun. They’re not equipped to over-analyze situations, they don’t stress about the unknown and see things at face level. These are the reasons why both animals and babies are also always so happy. The world is full of beautiful things and if there’s a pair that can show you that, then it has to be the little boy and his gorilla friend, below. These two are having so much fun and living in the moment — there’s nothing else bothering them and they’re enjoying themselves to the fullest. The gorilla and his human friend are just enjoying the simplest things in life in this scene.

The video starts off by showing a child at the zoo looking into the gorilla’s living quarter. The toddler is trying to get the animal’s attention and is being playful. As soon as the boy gets close enough to the glass, the gorilla springs into action and starts an adorable game of peek-a-boo. Who doesn’t like peek-a-boo? I knew that kids always get a laugh out of it, but I can now see that even animals find the game entertaining.

The two go back and forth from one end of the glass casing to the other and the toddler can’t have enough of the game. Every time he sees the gorilla move to the other side, he’s in splits and doesn’t want this interaction with his animal friend to end. But eventually, the gorilla gets tired and takes a seat.

The boy, however, isn’t discouraged at all. Instead, he tries to get the gorilla back up so they can play again.

We’re glad that mom caught this moment on camera! It’s a great example of what happens when both children and animals form a special bond. Animals that are trained and disciplined will never be harmful to children and some say that it’s essential to have your child grow up amongst a pet. They will always be loyal friends and find ways to have this much fun.

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