Tiny Kitten Can’t Resist Bursting His Human’s Bubble Gum.. This Is So Adorable

February 26, 2017 VIDEOS


To any kid, witnessing the fun moments with the adults as the starring parties is ever amazing. Think of yourself as a kid, and an adult is just before you chewing some gum. Now, sit back and witness the magic and they blow the gum into some bubble that seems to grow in size every second. Let it bloom large before you until that deep feeling starts eating at you. What do you want to do now?

That kind of deep feeling comes to light in this video when this guy chews gum and blows a bubble right in his cat’s face. The bubble gets large until the little thing can’t take it anymore. What he does next will floor you!

Of course he couldn’t hold back. The feeling was too deep and strong that this cat couldn’t help bursting that bubble. In fact, you can tell what he’s about to do right from the moment the bubble starts blowing. There’s that shine in his eyes that beams with a sort of mischievousness. You just know it!

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