Tiny Girl Wants To Calm Giant Horse When Horse’s Response Has Mom Running For The Camera

February 2, 2019 VIDEOS


It must be because animals sense that children are merely curious and hold no bad intentions. This little girl, for instance, seems to have instantly formed a bond with a handsome white horse that was up for sale. It was truly a precious moment as Lilly Rae showered the horse at the Sky High Equestrian Center in Texas with soft strokes and warm hugs. What made it more heartwarming was the way the horse reciprocated by gently nuzzling her with its nose.

Lilly Rae and her love for horses (or maybe animals in general) is seen in the heartfelt way she showers the gentle giant with affection. The special bond is evident in how her small hand touches the horse’s face softly and how perfectly content they both seem with the closeness and the overall exchange. Hers was not at all like the typical ‘just-a-quick-pat’ approach most people take with animals; it looked like she really wanted to spend time with the beautiful creature.

Imagine how wonderful it must feel to have witnessed the exchange between the little girl and the horse in person. You can definitely hear the delight in Lilly Rae’s mom’s voice as she documents the moment shared between the two. So many positive things can happen in homes, in nature, and in our overall environment if we could only see all animals big and small through the eyes of this little girl. We’re guessing that at some point, Lilly Rae wanted her parents to buy this horse so she could call this newfound friend her own.

“I gave him a Cheez-It and he didn’t even eat my fingers!”

The happiness on her face and in her voice just goes to show how pleasurable it is to treat animals with kindness.

From soft touches and warm hugs to sweet little kisses planted on the horse’s face, this adorable little girl’s love is just the inspiration we need to find joy in the simplest things.

Source: Sharetap

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