A Huge Elephant Lays Down To Let His Friend Treat His Eye

February 29, 2020 VIDEOS


The Web has been surrounded by a video clip from Botswana, South Africa, in which many were impressed by the most friendly elephant.

In front of the camera and the vet, he laid down on the ground without narcotics and left his friend vet to do his job there.

The Jabu elephant in the video has had a sore eye lately. He was treated with antibiotic ointment three times a day, and the elephant is recovering quickly thanks to the treatment.

Living With Elephants Foundation,Youtube

Many on the web were taken over by the Jabu elephant himself, when he laid down on the ground in front of the vet and patiently waited there to treat his sore eye.

Web users have called the elephant “the most friendly elephant in the world,” and the video is no doubt just another proof of how smart elephants are.

Source: KlipLand

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