Three Separated Brothers Are Reunited At Last!

January 13, 2017 VIDEOS


When Jose was only twelve years old, his mother informed him and his two brothers she was leaving. She left them with twenty dollars and a few groceries and they never saw her again! The brothers were separated by the county foster system but Jose made a vow that he would never let anyone break up his family again. He got a job in eighth grade and began saving so he could buy a house for him and his brothers. This video shows the touching story of how it all happened.

It is amazing to see this story unfold! Although Jose had purchased a home, it was in bad shape and needed lots of repair. When the community learned about Jose and his house, they set out to help, volunteering their time and resources to make the house beautiful. Now, these three brothers are living together as a family and they say Jose acts as their father. Enjoy this touching story and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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