This horseshoe equation is stumping the entire internet – Can you solve it?

April 21, 2019 VIDEOS


Seriously – we’ve never seen one quite like this. Are there truly multiple answers or can you solve it once and for all?

It’s that time again! The internet has brought forth another mind-numbingly crazy riddle – and this one truly has us all stumped.

Facebook user Nejib Tej has posted an equation containing horseshoes, horses, and cowboy boots – and it involves a good bit of algebra. Shouldn’t be too hard to solve…. right?

Take a look for yourself:

Within hours of being posted, there were thousands of comments and nobody could seem to agree on a correct answer!

Do you think you have figured it out? No? Well, we have two tips for you before you give up!

Make sure that you have noticed the ‘x’ sign in the final equation and not mistaken it for a ‘+’.

Did you notice that in the final equation there is only 1 boot and 1 horseshoe? So, you have to half the values that you figured out in the previous equations.

Does that help? Have you figured it out now or are you still stumped? Ok, 1 final tip:

Remember BIDMAS? It stands for brackets; indices; division; multiplication; addition; and subtraction and it means that you have to multiply the horse by the horseshoe before you at the cowboy boot!

Have you got it now? Tell us your answer in the comments and don’t forget to SHARE so that you can challenge your friends and loved ones!

Source: viralhatch

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