This Groom Is Fully Prepared to Rock the Room With His “Smooth Criminal” Performance

December 6, 2018 VIDEOS


Jeff Loehrke worked hard with his wedding party to create a tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson! He chose to surprise his wedding guests and his bride with this flawless dance number that truly honors the fallen king of pop. As you watch this video, you will be amazed at the performance and how well it was put together! If you are a fan of Michael’s you are sure to want to sing along to this classic song.

Michael always told a story in his songs and Smooth Criminal is no different. Jeff seems to have learned some of Michael’s ultra-cool moves over the years because he does a fantastic job of performing to this hit! It is clear to see the audience loves it and you will too. No one can ever dislike a Michael Jackson-inspired dance number! After you have enjoyed this great performance, Please SHARE on Facebook so other Michael fans can enjoy it too!

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