This emotionally demanding cat has been returned to the shelter 5 times! Find out what happens to him in the end

November 26, 2018 VIDEOS


How would you feel if your friends want to stop hanging out with you or even downright avoid you because they feel like you’re emotionally draining, sad right? That is exactly how this cat would feel. His name is James Bean and he has been returned back to the shelter 5 times already and the reason his previous owners gave was that he was too demanding!

But all hope is not lost, luckily enough for James; a Reddit user adopted him in 2015 from the San Francisco animal shelter in California because of his frequent returns to the shelter, James did not know whether to be relaxed in his new home or prepare himself for the eventuality of being returned so he was mostly wary of his new owner and home, over time, he began to feel comfortable enough to explore around the house, when he saw that the coast was clear, he began to portray more territorial tendencies- like picking out his favourite spots, playing with his favourite toy amongst others, one day, James even took a nap on his owner’s bed.

His new owner doesn’t have an issue with James; in fact, he enjoys spending time, cuddling and hugging James and is not of the opinion that he is demanding. When he works, James keeps him company- he doesn’t do anything, just lies there, staring at his owner, how adorable is that? We are totally excited for James; he has finally found a perfect and loving home that he deserves.

Such a beautiful cat and story. Have you ever seen anything like this? We always love a rescue story.

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