This Domino Display Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

December 2, 2018 VIDEOS


If you ever played with dominoes as a kid, you know how frustrating they can be to set up. One wrong move and they all come tumbling down. In this video, a young girl has set up one of the most beautifully intricate domino displays you have ever seen. The bright colors and the spiral design come alive as the dominoes are let loose and the action begins unfolding. This is truly an amazing spectacle to see!

As you see the dominoes suddenly explode into life, your eyes will be amazed. This young girl used around 15,000 dominoes to create this display and it took her eight days to put together. Can you imagine how steady her hands had to be in working with each domino? Not only does she set off the dominoes to create a unique pattern she then causes it to partially self-destruct for an even more beautiful image. Check out this cool display and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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