This Ape Figuring Out How To Use A Smartphone Is Mind-Blowing

May 20, 2019 VIDEOS


Many animals always surprise us with their intelligence. Monkeys, piglets, rats, crows, elephants, dolphins, squirrels and octopuses are considered as the most clever animals.

The clip of a monkey circled on the web these days, and the reason is in the inventiveness of the animal.

In the video you can see a monkey that gets a mobile phone in front of the camera. Smart mobile phones cause a lot of gray hair to the elderly, so there would be nothing wrong if we were to conclude that the monkey does not know how to use the cell phone.

Was that really the case? Not really…

The monkey in the video was crawling on Instagram, and like a man studied photos uploaded to the social network by other users. Take a look at the video that has impressed millions of people around the world these days!

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