Video catches cruel woman toss dog out of her car

March 23, 2020 ANIMALS


She stopped in front of the surveillance camera with her vehicle, then she abandoned the mutilated puppy on the street.

Band Jornalismo , Youtube 

A scene filmed in a Cristo Rei neighborhood by a surveillance camera shows a cruel act of a female driver. She stopped her vehicle in front of the camera, then the first dog got out of the vehicle. The woman then threw another puppy Tintin on the road, who had no front paws.

On several occasions, the poor dog was hit by the female driver, then she sat in the vehicle and drove on without the second dog.

Despite the gruesome act, the story also has a happy ending – the Portuguese authorities have already identified a woman who will have to defend herself before a judge because of the lewd act, and the puppy Tintin already received 60 requests for adoption immediately after the video was posted online.

Source: KlipLand

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