The Two Boys Laughed Hysterically as They Drank Drom a Glass.

September 6, 2020 VIDEOS


In May, two little boys were surrounded on the Internet by a beautiful video that caught everyone’s attention.

They drank a sweet drink in front of the camera and lit up the day with a dose of laughter.

The video, which went viral in May, has garnered over 10 million views on social media to date. But no wonder the boys in the video are so cute.

They handed each other a glass of sweet drink and laughed at each other.

Many people on the Internet wrote that the video brightened up their day, and some added that they wanted to drink what the boys in the video were drinking.


I need some of whatever is in that orange soda. 🤣

Publiée par Michael Waters sur Vendredi 15 mai 2020

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