The Simple Message That Brought This Middle School Class to Tears

November 28, 2018 VIDEOS


Unfortunately today’s youth seem to care more about their own friends and their own lives than others in their family.Often they turn to bad choices because of their friends and don’t realize the errors of their ways until it happens to be too late.

Marc Mero a champion wrestler formerly of the WCW, and WWE spreads a message of hope to middle school children by sharing his story.He tells the kids of a life where all he knew growing up was his friends and constantly making poor decisions. He would show up early in the morning at home to have his mom want to talk to him, only to shut her out.

It would make him angry, and frustrated with his mom, because it seemed as if she were bothering him. He relates this story to the kids of the school as they all listen to him intently, before he drops the bombshell on them. please SHARE it with all your friends.

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