Dancers With Down Syndrome Prove There Are No Limits On SGT

February 13, 2020 VIDEOS


The Flick Flock Danza dance group has also been featured on Spanish talent, who has some special members in their rows.

Some dancers have Down Syndrome, but this does not hinder them in pursuiting their dreams!

Among the dancers in the Flick Flock Danza group are many who have different life problems. The mission of the dance group is based on this – they want to show the world that everyone can reach for their dreams.

Spain’s Got Talent.Youtube

The dance group in Spain’s Got Talent impressed everyone gathered, and many web users are excited about their dance performance.

Take a look at a wonderful performance by a dance group from Spain, which also includes many teenagers with Down syndrome. Another proof that it is always possible to chase your dreams!

Source: Klipland

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