The former ballet dancer with Alzheimer’s disease recalls the song “Swan Lake”

November 17, 2020 VIDEOS


Music is a wonderful medicine, which is confirmed by many experts around the world.

A few days ago, a very touching video about a grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s went viral. She spent her youth as a young ballet dancer.

Marta Gonzalez’s grandmother has almost no memory because she has a more severe form of dementia due to Alzheimer’s. But a few months ago, when she was blessed with the ballet music of Swan Lake, her memories soon returned.

Música para Despertar,Youtube

When Martha heard the melody, she returned to her youth and started dancing with her hands in front of the camera. She once danced ballet in the 1960s.

Another proof of the extraordinary power of music. The video went online a few days ago and became public, but the gripping scene about Martha was already filmed in 2019 in Valencia. Martha S. Gonzalez died the same year.

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