The Family Transforms an Old Church into a Magnificent Home

September 21, 2020 ENTERTAINMENT


A few years ago, Shannon Burns posted a video on his YouTube channel of him walking into his sister’s house.

My sister and her family bought an old church and later turned it into a beautiful home to breathe.

The old church, built a few years ago in 1890, was put up for auction. The local authorities were reluctant to demolish the entire church, and one family saw a great opportunity to buy a new home.

They bought the church and then completely renovated it. The exterior remains the same as the church building, but the interior is a different story. The family now lives in a very spacious home that has been converted into a space that can be used for many of the church’s facilities.

Would you live in a church if you could recreate it like a family in a video? Take a look at the interior of their new home.

What do you think?